Connie S. Tettenborn, Ph.D.


With degrees in Chemistry and Oncology, Connie Tettenborn has done cell biology research and contributed to the development of novel platforms at several biotechnology companies. She is now a contract scientific editor and expresses her creativity via painting, photography and writing poetry. Since early 2010, she has combined these interests in her visual poetry—loosely defined as poetry meant to be seen. Influenced by the long division poems of Bob Grumman and the equational paradigm poetry of Kaz Maslanka, she uses both her analytical mind and insightful spirit to create mathematical poetry. Relax and enjoy yourself as you browse through her work. Besides those included in the links below, additional works completed more recently can be found in these links to her visual, mathematical and traditional poetry.

Visual Poetry
visual poem 1 visual poem 2 visual poem 3 visual poem 4
More Visual Poetry
Mathematical Poetry
math poem 1 math poem 2 math poem 3 math poem 4
More Mathematical Poetry

Watercolor Paintings
Painting 1 Painting 2 Painting 3 Painting 4
More Paintings

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